SEO-Search Engine optimization

SEO-Search Engine optimization
Improve your site visibility by boosting your placement on organic results

Search Engine Optimization Companies in India:

How can you make your site stand out from the competition? How can you get the most visits without spending a ton of money on advertisement? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can do this for you. Our Rajasthan Search Engine Optimization Company can help your website get a great ranking position on various search engines. When a user types a term for search on the web that term is defined as a keyword. SEO aim is to optimize your site to make it so all your content is seem as relevant by the search engines, with special focus on keywords. Through keyword implementation, ranking monitoring and constant attention, Keshav Technosys can help you position your site among the top search results for many the keywords that your potential visitors are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization Companies in India:

Keeping in concern the present day scenario of technological advancement and business need, we at Keshav Technosys, Search Engine optimization companies In India provide with solutions for the challenges faced by your firm. We deal with issues affecting your Search engine results, Firm’s website visibility, and Lead generation. Thus help you in earning desired Return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization Company in India:

As Search Engine Optimization Company in India, Keshav Technosys team endeavor towards delivering the best result through approaches that makes your site able to face the cutting edge competition posed by the players in the same industry. We as SEO Experts in India assurance cost effective solutions with unbeaten service backing it and endorsing our performance as a global player. The strength of our services has been our team’s continuous research, quality and dedicated workforce and best client support protocol.

Search Engine Optimization Companies in Ajmer:

As Search Engine optimization companies in Ajmer our SEO services focuses on short, unique and strong keywords in the domain to target audience to avoid keyword stuffing which leads to spamming. We as SEO Company Ajmer have a qualified and expert team of professionals who are the best in showing results and conversion rates, excellent research to find the structure of the website to explore new trends in optimizing for your portal by a professional SEO company.

Search Engine optimization service providers Ajmer:

As Search Engine Optimization Service Providers Ajmer influences expertise of the best company in the SEO World and Provides internet marketing services and affordable SEO services to our customers to allover the world. In order to expect satisfactory page ranking for the keywords targeted, one must be patient and understand that a SEO exercise needs persistent and sustained effort. Here are the details of the local SEO packages .

We will create a full SEO campaign for your website

About This Off Page SEO

Smart online marketing for small (and large) business trusted by 50k buyers on Google!

For over 7 years, We have worked in the digital marketing space, servicing clients domestically and internationally in my business, for the first time We are offering our full done for you SEO service to a limited audience per month at a drastically reduced rate here on Keshav Technosys.

What does this service entail? 

  1. Custom high DA Link Building Campaign, done the right way (no black hat here)  

  2. Content curation for all of your links if required
  3. SEO report analysing your webpage with up to 3 of your competitors including recommended on-page changes for your most valuable keyword

  4. AHREFS Backlink Analysis of your sites current link profile with a full report to identify issues with previous bad SEO

  5. Continuous keyword monitoring of your campaign

  6. Walkthrough on how to set up Google Analytics for your own site.

  7. Site map generation and submission to Google Webmaster Tools

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Basic Multi Tier Link Package for up to 3 Keywords Advanced multi tier links, SEO reports and Action Plan against competitors Full SEO Service Including all other packages
Off-Page Strategy
Yes Yes Yes
Backlink Analysis
No Yes Yes
Delivery Time


Contact Via Whatsapp


Contact Via Whatsapp


Contact Via Whatsapp

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  • How long will the work you do last for?

    There is no hard and fast rule, building your online marketing presence takes time and energy, my work gives great results, but like anything, there are no quick fixes or magic pills, as a general rule 6 to 9 months but you should always be investing in your marketing for longevity.

  • What information do I need to provide ?

    So We will need your main website link or an internal link, We'll also need up to 10 keywords you want me to optimize for you, but don't worry if you're stuck on this as it's something I can help you with. I'll need the country you're also trying to optimize for or the city you're based in

  • How long can it take for first results?

    SEO is a complex process, there are no magic bullets, what there is, is knowledgeable, actionable results driven opimization based on technique I have honed over many years in the industry, normally I see first results between 50 and 60 days, this is very normal in the industry,

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