School Management Software

School Management Software

School Management Software

We are design next generation web based or desktop school erp system which is helpful to students, teachers , Admin and parents. Using our school administrative software student can collect lots of information about schools and all that. We develop different modules like school administrative module, school academic, fianance management, communication, Library management, attendence management, report management system, content management system, Hr management and student. Our education management software provide 10 new module for students that covers all the details each and every department of schools. Students can communicate with each other this is best platform of people who are looking open source management software. There are lots of company providing school management software now a days. Compare to other companies we provide advanced technology school automation software system which is affordable and cost effective web based & desktop solution.

The biggest question is why school require an ERP?? They are not corporate, which do require ERP for better management of the resources. The corporate are the Multi National Company. which have spread in multiple companies and so they require to effectively manage their resources effectively.

The School Management System ERP provides that platform which facilitates in effective management of the any school. The central management of the school is very important as it removes the redundant tasks, that are carried at the institution. The central data storage to easy access of data at all departments which removes the redundant administrative tasks of generating the data, ever required as the data is ready for use building the data every time it is required.

School Management Software Features

  • • Automation of School Office Administration.
  • • Connects all Education Stakeholders Administrator, Teachers, Students and Parents.
  • • Central secure database structure that organizes, stores and retrieves real-time information
  • • Student information management system with SMS integration for sending various SMS alerts
  • • It provides a means to automatically prepare all certificates
  • • Vendor Management. (Maintain a list of vendor and quotation provided by them)
  • • Complete Accounts Management System.
  • • Canteen Management.
  • • Student feedback system (Feedback of the students about the subject, teaching, etc).
  • • Student Attendance.
  • • Customized Report Generation
  • • Exam result, student performance, fees due dates to parents.
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