Office Management Software

Office Management Software

Office Management Software

Office A place where all business or operational, clerical and activities takes place. Solvent India is a web application & software solution provider and gives you easy software solution for Office Management System. It provides integrated solution to help you maximize efficiency. tips and steps for Office Management are introduced in order to make you rise in the competition.

We should take some steps, if we want manage our office data and business, as a better plan with better management is the key of successful business. Keshav Technosys is a web application & software solution provider and gives you easy solution for Office Management System. The Office Management Software, Keshav Technosys offer is a must have for any official institution be it small. Our Office Management System Software is very useful in organization and management of day function. The easy operation and functional coupled with multitude of operations makes us the best Back Office Management Software in India.

Keshav Technosys is provide an office Management software which is being used mainly by corporate office or government office, managing the database of client details. detailed reports are included which help some one to manage the office in professional way.

Key Features

  • • Schedule organizer which reminds on the screen for next 2 jobs and optional daily report.
  • • Staff Deadlines and their reminders when deadline is over.
  • • Client's Database.
  • • Reminders of customized important Dates like Birthday's, Anniversaries, Festivals.
  • • File Catalogs which helps you to organize your soft and hard copy of files and papers.
  • • Personal Bills Database and reminder for last date of submission of that bill.
  • • Cheque Collected/Paid Database and Cheque printing facilty for your customized cheque formats.
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